There are many types of addictions out there, and everyone who is an addict is affected differently. With that said, it’s a no-brainer that treatment options need to take a variety of approaches. There is not a one size fits all treatment option. Something that works for your friend will not work for you, and vice versa. If you or a loved one is seeking addiction treatment, keep in mind that addiction treatment is catered to your needs at Lumiere Healing Centers. We have all types of rehab options, each with a variety of treatment methods. One type of rehab we offer is outpatient rehab in Ohio.

What makes this kind of rehab program unique is that it allows those seeking help to live their lives outside of the facility. They are not living inside the treatment center and can, therefore, hold jobs, attend school, and see friends and family. Also, outpatient rehab is not only for those with addictions. Those who feel that they are too dependent on a substance can also seek treatment through outpatient rehabilitation. Doing so can not only help the dependency but also help avoid addiction.

The Benefits of Outpatient Rehab Ohio

There are all kinds of benefits associated with each type of rehabilitation program. However, the benefits of outpatient rehab are unique to it. While inpatient rehab is also an excellent option, it all depends on what you need. Your lifestyle needs and what your addiction needs both need to be considered. Some of the many benefits are:

More Time With Your Support System

The biggest perk of outpatient rehab is the support system. During addiction, you might have felt alone or found yourself isolated. But, now that you are recovering, chances are that you are repairing relationships and leaning on loved ones. In an inpatient setting, you can still maintain contact with loved ones and meet new people. However, you do not see or speak to your loved ones as often as if you were in an outpatient rehab center in Ohio. If you value your support system, want more contact with them, or want to live with them, an outpatient setting may be a better choice for you.

You Can Lead a Normal Life

Everyone’s addiction is different. Some people are functioning addicts, while others prioritize what they are addicted to over everything. Whether you or your loved one is a functioning addict or not, addiction treatment is necessary for all types of addictions. Some people start off functioning but find it hard to maintain responsibilities after some time has passed. Either way, once you or your loved one starts addiction treatment, getting back to normal life is possible. You can go back to school, work again, and take on other responsibilities. However, it’s only possible with outpatient rehab. Inpatient rehab does not enable people to do these things for the time they are in this rehab setting.

Detox is Available

Many people are under the impression that inpatient rehab is the only type that handles detoxing. But, that could not be farther from the truth. Those who are looking for an outpatient setting can still detox in a facility. In fact, we encourage people to seek out detoxing under a medical professional. Not only is it much safer to have the help of a medical professional, but it makes the process much more comfortable. 

At Lumiere Healing Centers, you can detox with us for a few days under medical supervision. Then, get released and begin our outpatient program. It’s as easy as that! With us, you are never stuck in a facility once committed to detox.

Get Started On Your Journey to Sobriety!

With the help of our team at Lumiere Healing Centers, your local outpatient rehab center in Ohio, you can live a life of sobriety. It may seem like a long or difficult road, but it isn’t as bad as it seems. Every step of the way gets easier, too. During outpatient rehab, you will learn techniques for avoiding falling into addiction again. Our team makes sure you have all the resources you need to come out of rehab successfully. To learn more about our outpatient rehab contact us here (  give our team a call today at (513) 987-9392.

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