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Understanding detox is an important component of treatment both by the individual suffering through this addiction and to the family that must support their loved one through the process. Detoxification, commonly called detox, is a complex process that removes toxins from drug and alcohol abuse from a person’s body. But, what is detox and what does that mean and what is involved in the process?

At Lumiere Healing Centers, our goal is to provide you with a comprehensive, safe detox program to help you to remove the substances from your body. We provide a medically supervised detox program to ensure you are safely detoxing from the drugs and alcohol in your body. If you are struggling with alcohol and drug dependency right now, please call us now 24/7 for a confidential discussion about your options. Don’t wait to get help for you or your loved ones: 513-909-2225.

What is Detox Like?

In substance abuse detox, the goal is to allow the body to safely process and metabolize the drugs and alcohol within the system if this is feasible to do while the individual’s health is maintained. When this happens, it removes the toxins from the body. Detox is not treatment, but rather an instance in which the substances are removed from the body – there is much more treatment necessary to start on the road to recovery.

There are two forms of detox in general terms.

Medically Assisted Detox

In this treatment, sometimes called medically supervised, the treatment is done under the specific care of health professionals. These individuals, who focus on both the mental and the medical aspects of the detox process, have the goal of ensuring the patient’s needs are met during the process. This helps to ensure the detox is safe and that an individual remains as comfortable as possible. It’s important to know that detox is not simplistic, but it is often painful and soul-wrenching. There are many instances when medically assisted detox will include the use of medications that can ease the process, reduce cravings, and help to slowly wean the body off the drugs or alcohol.

Clinically Managed Detox

A secondary option is clinically managed, which is sometimes known as a social detox program. This is a non-medical method of detox. It is a short-term solution in most cases. It can still help an individual to stop substance abuse, of course. However, there are few medical and mental interventions available to help to make the detox process safer and less painful. In these settings, just a room is provided for the detox to occur. Some locations do provide peer encouragement as well as some level of professional mental health support during the detox, but it may not be as much as in a medically assisted detox program.

The goal of detox is to achieve several outcomes:

  1. Comfortably and safely clear the body from all drugs and alcohol.
  2. Control any symptoms that occur, most commonly associated with withdrawal.
  3. Begin – though it is not possible to finish – substance abuse treatment for the individual so that he or she enters on the right path for future recovery.

We can only do the true recovery and treatment when a person is detoxed. That is why it is so important for your family to work together on recovery from day 1 of detox and for many months later.

What Happens During Detox?

This is perhaps the hardest time of your life and you want to know how you are going to get through it. There are three stages that you will go through during the detox process. Each stage requires a very specific focus on your long-term well being.

  • Stage 1 involves an evaluation. You will be assessed to determine if there is a presence of alcohol or drugs. This is done through blood, breath, and urine testing. Then, we assess a person’s mental state, any existing medical issues, and determine the best type of strategy to use
  • Stage 2 focuses on stabilizing the situation. This is where most people will spend most of their time. We’ll help you to ease into detox to ensure that all of your medical and mental health needs are met throughout the process. We treat the symptoms you have as they occur.
  • Stage 3 combines with Stage 2 in that we work to build trust and focus to allow you to work toward true drug and alcohol treatment. Eventually, you will be out of detox but you will still work on treatment.

How Long Does Detox Take?

This is a hard question to answer because each person’s experience is different. There are a number of factors that contribute to this. For many people, it can take a matter of hours. For others, it can take a few days. Some may need longer-term care. Factors that contribute to the length and difficulty of the detox process include:

  • The type of drug or alcohol abuse
  • The setting for detox
  • The length of time, the amount you used, and the overall severity of your addiction
  • Whether or not you have any poly-substance abuse present
  • Your current health outside of drug and alcohol use
  • How often you’ve tried to detox
  • Your goals and your dedication to the process.

In most cases, the detoxification process is less than eight days (according to the Centers for Substance Abuse Treatment.)

Is Detox Dangerous?

It can be painful and complications can occur. That is why it is so important to access a medically assisted detox program whenever it is possible to do so. Keep in mind that detoxing on your own at home is never recommended. There are many withdrawal symptoms that can cause a life-threatening situation. You do not want to do this on your own without a medical professional – or at least someone that knows how to provide medical care – available to you.

Do I Need Detox at Lumiere Healing Centers?

Here’s the biggest question many people ask. Do they need to go through detox or can they just attempt drug and alcohol treatment right now? The answer isn’t as clear as it may seem. In fact, you should begin seeking out care right away no matter what type of care it is. If you drink or use drugs every day, thinking about using every day, or you are unable to make rational decisions for yourself, it is time to seek out drug and alcohol detox and treatment.

At Lumiere Healing Centers, we understand just how hard it is to make the decision to enroll in a detox and treatment program. We’re here for you. We will help you to overcome this process during your recovery. Contact us now for a confidential consultation: 513-909-2225.

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